The Tayback Staffing Solutions:  When you work with Tayback  you’re engaging a respected, highly successful, go-to recruiting partner that has a proven track record in the local and national marketplace.

We work with you on your search from beginning to end, using multiple sourcing and recruiting methods.  We rely heavily on our proprietary database and deep network of personal relationships in the Senior IT leadership space for both direct recruits and referrals.

At Tayback, with our training and experience in research, cold calling and proactive recruiting, we know how to find and engage candidates that aren’t actively looking for a job, but may be open to making a change for the right opportunity – your opportunity.

Our thorough screening process ensures that we only present the right candidates for your technical needs, your company and your culture. We only present a small slate of targeted, qualified candidates for you to interview. It is a simple, streamlined process that has created loyalty with our clients and candidates because we not only deliver results, but we do so with delightful simplicity and ease.

A Win for Both Sides: When all is said and done, this is a laborious, massively time-consuming process that requires diligent, consistent attention from beginning to end to provide the best results for employers and job seekers. And this is what we do best!

Are you ready to experience the Tayback Staffing Solutions difference for yourself?